Viktor Cavenal

Seventh Circle Magi


The Seventh Circle existed as a collection of Magi advisers to Salina. The sect evolved in many ways after her time finally passed and eventually freed itself from all national ties. For a time it held a valley fortress deep in the wild lands but that was centuries ago. Ruins of this great structure still stand but it is so deep in the wild lands that it is largely unreachable even to those few who know where it is. Over time the presence of great magic in that area drew powerful entities there as well that now call the valley home. Almost certain death awaits anyone foolish enough to stray too close.

Viktor was a Magi of some influence in the circle. When Salina passed rebellions erupted in every corner of her empire. The other Magi attempted to regain control of what she had once called hers but Viktor instead pursued a method to destroy Salina’s spirit once and for all. After years of study in private within the walls of his keep he one day closed his books, packed a bag and walked out of the valley alone never to be seen again.

Until now.


Viktor Cavenal

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