Reislyn Felgraed

"It's those lantern fuckers..."


She has a deep distaste for religion that without exception works it’s way into most conversations you’ve had with her. She’s a miserly lady of middle years but worn hard from the life of a tavern keeper. She has seen it all, probably done it all, and in the end returned here to Ketterington to take over her father’s tavern when he passed. There is a story about how when she got back into to town a few of the larger lads had decided that the tavern was now abandoned and thus the perfect spot to start a gambling ring in the town. You have heard it end so many ways you don’t know what is true but what you know for sure is that she runs the gambling ring that meets once a month and draws quite a crowd and that both of the boys are working for her and are still paying off what they own to her for damages to her bar from that night.

She’s never smiling when you see her but is always willing to laugh. That alone is something that has endeared her to the town and its people. Shes one of their own come home.

She’s short and to the point. She has no qualms about letting people know what she thinks but rarely ever seems to imply that you should think it as well. When she’s in a foul mood, just leave her alone. Her tongue lashings aren’t worth it. She has a way of finding a subject that is incredibly personal and nailing you with it. When she’s happy she seems infectious. Last month when the attack finally ended she was one of the few found that were faring well. She helped those around her and has already begun to rebuild her tavern. No one is sure what she traded when the last caravan came through but they left behind what seemed like fortune in supplies for her.


You know she is well traveled by the stories you hear in her bar. She even crossed the sea and visited far away lands like Goromir and Norrenth. She’s from time to time too well spoken to not be formally educated but you have no idea how or why that might have come to pass. She also has the mouth of a sailor when it suits her.

Reislyn Felgraed

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