Old is an understatement.


He is frail, thin but wiry, and the oldest man you have ever laid eyes on. He is tall but walks stooped over and leans heavily on a cane or staff. Hes slow to respond and slower to act in most cases but that hasn’t stopped him from getting involved in people’s lives from time to time.

He has been a last option healer and general practitioner of magic in these parts for a very long time though many don’t know about him. He prefers it that way. If someone is in need, he doesn’t mind his name being passed on but otherwise prefers to be unknown by the masses.

Most recently he helped a local woman and her husband have a child when it seemed they wouldn’t be able to on their own. It was this matter that led you to seek him out. Now that you have found him he seems in an incredible hurry to get back to town but hasn’t offered much in the way reason or explanation.



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