Ward Keepers


The Clevson Arcane Tower, a school and library for mages of all types, exists both inside Daineth and several miles outside the city. It is a paradoxical place that seems to be in two places at once. Timmons was once a student and eventually a young teacher before rising to prominence following the massive battle on the northern shores of Goromir. He helped many survive what most would consider a disaster as a greater demon was pulled through a rift created by a dying demonologist. It was a temporary link to our plane and the demon was eventually pulled back through but not before destroying a large portion of the docks and poor quarters in the city.

Timmons has since traveled a great deal. He been to three different continents in his pursuits of magical understanding and has passed through Adra several times with it being the most direct path to the Kokori. Ketterington is a natural stop along the way so he has frequented the town on more than a few occasions. On one such occasion he arrived to find he was needed. A local townsman was asked to help him track down the source of missing people and land that had begun to change. Crops were failing, wild life was quickly becoming scarce, and live stock was starting to die off as well. Timmons and the tracker eventually were able to uncover the source though it was no small feat. A nest of Harpies has been established and a queen had just been born. This is incredible rare. Once a queen is born into a nest regular rituals are undertaken deep inside the thicket of the nest to expand the territory of the brood by destroying the essence of the land. Had the queen been given another summer to fully mature there is no telling how powerful she might have become. Armed with knowledge of what they needed to do and some magical protection from the foul magic the Harpies wield, the tracker and Timmons rushed into the nest after a scavenger party had just left. Caught off guard and weakened by the Ward Keepers spells, they were able to overcome and kill the queen then set the nest ablaze before fleeing in the confusion. The remaining Harpies raged, causing havoc in the area for a few days before scattering back into the wildlands. It took some time but the curse the Harpies had woven into the land eventually faded and things slowly began to regrow.

Timmons is a welcome sight whenever he passes this way and he still looks in on the tracker that helped him find and remove the nest. A rare sacrificial knife was also uncovered in the nest that day. All he said about it at the time was that it wasn’t like anything he had seen before and wanted to study it back in the Tower.



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