Dran Hastings

Mine Supervisor


Dark hair, dark skin, and a dark sense of humor. Dran is a tall and bulky Draconian that immigrated to Adra seven years ago. He came in from Umbria though only a few know much of his story. Ketterington was the first place he was able to find work and he stayed, taking on the role of Mine Supervisor. James Darby, the mine owner, gave him the position because it was vacant and Dran’s presence seemed to command respect. He was a shrewd businessman though and without Dran those that work the mine would be much worse off.

Dran has all the hallmarks of a fiery Draconian except the endless ambition. He seems content to be where he is in both location and station in life and has since arriving been a welcome member of the small town. (That was not always the case as there is a long history of problems with a Draconian family that lives a few miles north of the town. They always seem to cause trouble when they come around and before Dran it made other passing Draconians rather unwelcome.)

He came through the recent fight and capture better off than most and, with Reislyn, has been a heavy contributor in the rebuilding efforts. With Darby’s passing during his capture he stands to become to owner of the eastern mine as well.


Dran Hastings

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